we’re different

We’re Different

Two of our directors are career Estate Agents, and two have backgrounds in other businesses. Collectively, we’ve tried to take the best aspects from traditional estate agency practice, and to do them as well or better than our competitors. Then, we’ve looked at the areas of agency practice that we thought weren’t particularly good, and changed them.

We are genuinely different from every other agent in terms of how we have organised our business and our services.

These are our main points of difference:

  • Unique ‘Set your own fee’ deal.
  • No minimum contract.
  • More web coverage than any other agent.
  • Our office makes the most of new technology.
  • We don’t pay our agents commission
  • Unique Customer Guarantee

<h2>(1) Unique ‘Set your own fee’ deal.</h2>
You decide what to pay, and only after your home is sold. You are always in control, and we are always working flat out to impress you. We are never, never complacent, because you still have control of the final price, which depends on how satisfied you are with our work. Find out more here

<h2>(2) No minimum contract.</h2>
We are so sure you’ll be happy with our service, and so confident that we can do a great job for you, that we don’t ask for a minimum tie-in period. If you’re not happy, you can give us two weeks’ notice at any point. And, because all our staff know this, everyone makes sure you are informed and happy with proceedings.

<h2>(3) More web coverage than any other agent.</h2>
It is not unusual for people to come to us after being on with other agents for months, only for us to sell their home in a few days. That’s because we advertise on every single major property site. Most agents only advertise on one or two, and the biggest players in town are only allowed to advertise on Rightmove because their company owns it! But we advertise more widely, so we reach more potential buyers. Our aim is to sell your home in the shortest time, for the highest price, with the least fuss.

<h2>(4) Our office makes the most of new technology.</h2>
It sounds silly, but there are many local agents that don’t even provide a computer for each employee! When we take on a new home to sell, we create details within 24 hours and email our house-hunters that very day. Because we advertise on so many websites, we have a fantastic email list of homebuyers, especially those moving in from outside the area. Our communication to buyers is quicker and more effective than any other agent we’ve come across.

<h2>(5) We don’t pay our agents commission</h2>
This might seem strange. Why would this be important? Two major reasons. First, it means everyone works as a team. In offices where each person has their own ‘viewers’ or their own ‘sellers’, the individuals are sometimes encouraged to work against one another, or against the interests of their clients.

Worse, if agents get commission for taking new properties on the market, it can encourage them to ‘overvalue’… to promise more than they believe your home will sell for, so that they get the commissions now, and the office can worry about asking you to lower the price a little later. This NEVER happens with Underhill, because we don’t pay commissions. It means we are an extremely effective team, and that we’ll always be absolutely straight with you about price and value.

<h2>(6) Unique Customer Guarantee</h2>
We have done everything we can to make sure that our company, and all its employees, are committed to delivering an excellent service. Our people, and our business systems, are structured to make this our priority.

We wanted to do more. We believe that all businesses are accountable to their customers. We have created a service level guarantee, a pledge of what we will do. The details are here.

If you can find any other agent who agrees in writing to match our promise, we’ll cut your bill in half.

If you can’t, choose us.